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Commercial Awareness Society 

Your Competitive Advantage 

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Why Join

CAS provides a range of opportunities, including publishing opportunities, competitions, interactive presentations, discussions or Q+A sessions to help the student populace learn, teach and write about core commercial affairs and stay up to date with current events. 

We are fully committed to ensuring that all members have access to events and materials through mediums such as online webinars and recorded workshops along with in-person events and socials.

The society is inclusive and welcomes students from all degree disciplines and aim to break commercial awareness down to a basic level to improve knowledge and understanding of the commercial world: greatly enhancing employability. The society aims to improve students' understanding and awareness of current events and their implications for the legal market and commercial sectors.

‘I believe there is a wealth of talent at Cardiff University that has the potential to break into best firms in the city. Our society is an opportunity for those who have secured roles to help open doors for others to do the same.’
Arthur Ddamulira - Former President, Co-Founder & Future Magic Circle Trainee

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